Sunday, January 8, 2017

Glitter Gradient Snowflake Nail Art -- Born Pretty Review --

Includes press samples

I've been wanting to do these nails for a long time and yesterday we had our first snowfall!! How exciting! So this is the perfect time for these glitter gradient snowflake nails.

Since these are glitter nails I used two coat of "ready for takeoff" peel off base coat by Unt to make removal easier. The base color is two coats of "Oh Soho Sweet" by New York Color. Apply one coat and let it dry, then applied a second and while it's still wet dip the tip of your nail in the glitter jar.

Using a flat brush spread out the glitter a little and add some more, mostly tiny ones, below it to create a gradient effect. Then apply one or more top coats, I used 3 coats of "Insta-Dri" by Sally Hansen, until you are satisfied with the smoothness of the surface. When I'm painting on glitter I like it to be as smooth as possible because the little bumps from the glitters makes it harder to paint straight lines.

I received these glitters (ID=34320) from the lovely Cynthia from Born Pretty Store, along with some other things I will be reviewing in the following weeks. The jar contains around 10 grams of holographic rose gold glitters. There are tinny, around 0.2mm, and big, around 1mm, glitters, which makes it perfect for a glitter gradient.

I'm really loving these glitter, especially the two sizes makes it so much more versatile to use in different designs. For example you can pick out the big ones in case you want to do some glitter placement nails. Maybe adding a middle size between both would make it even better? Or that might be too much... I don't know, but if I didn't just buy a ton of glitter from a craft store and spend a bit too much during the holidays and sales I would definitely buy some of the other colors.

In this close-up you can see both sizes a bit better. The design is hand-painted using Jo Sonja's acrylic paint and my 3/0 Raphael Kolinsky brush. Painting these snowflakes was fun but it does take a bit of time so if you have snowflake vinyls or stamping plates use those instead if you want to save some time.

**Disclaimer: These glitters where given to me by Born Pretty Store for reviewing purposes, but all opinions are my own and not influenced by anything except my experience with these items.**


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