Thursday, August 10, 2017

Holographic Shattered Glass Nail Art -- BeautyBigBang Review --

Includes press samples
Holographic Shattered Glass Nail Art Nailzini Beauty BigBang

I've been wanting to do shattered glass nails forever and thanks to this amazing holographic sticker sheet from Beauty BigBang I've finally gotten around to it!

Holographic Shattered Glass Nail Art Nailzini Beauty BigBang

A little while ago the lovely Maggie from Beauty BigBang contacted me for reviews and while I had never heard of them before their products seemed really awesome so I was really excited to try them out! They send me 3 beautiful products so for the next couple of weeks I'll be reviewing them.

First up are these Laser Holographic Line Nail Art Stickers (SKU: J2424-SR) which are absolutely incredible! The sheet comes in silver or gold and there are 4 different sizes of sticker strips: 3mm, 2mm, 1.5mm, and 1mm. The sheet is 11cm long and has 7 strips of each size. For all the shattered glass on my five nails I used around 3/4 of one 3mm strip so this one sheet should last you for at least a couple designs.

Holographic Shattered Glass Nail Art Nailzini Beauty BigBang

I've always loved seeing those shattered glass manis, but haven't gotten around to doing one so with these stickers it seemed like the perfect time to make them!

For the accent nails I used "Oh Soho Sweet" by New York Color as the base and then made a triangle shape using "I Carol About You" by OPI and my Minty # brush by Mitty Burns. For the other nails I applied 2 coats of "I Carol About You".

Then I cut one of the 3mm strips into tiny triangles. Try to make sure the stickers stay on the carton while cutting so they don't lose their stickiness. I actually really love that this sheet has stickers so you don't have to worry about your base polish drying to fast or messing around with foil glue!

After cutting all the triangles stick the on your nail one by one. Don't stick them too close to the edge of your nail, unlike I did, because this makes them peel off much faster. When you've placed all the stickers you want on your nail apply 2 coats of top coat to make sure they're sealed in well.

Overall these stickers are stunning and very easy to use so I'd definitely recommend them to everyone! If you want to try some of Beauty BigBang's items you can use my discount code HANNN10 to get 10% of your order.

**Disclaimer: These stickers where given to me by Beauty BigBang for reviewing purposes, but all opinions are my own and not influenced by anything except my experience with these items.**


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