Monday, December 21, 2015

Haute Tub by Essie

Haute Tub by Essie

This gorgeous black polish with tiny deep-purple glitter's is "Haute Tub" by Essie. Essie describes it as a "jet black with amethyst fire", which is probably the perfect description. I used this one is my Star Wars mani because it made me instantly think about space.

Haute Tub by Essie

In this picture I'm only wearing one coat and as you can see this polish gives amazing coverage.

The application is smooth but the formula is a little thicker than I would like.

Haute Tub by Essie

This picture is with two coats of "Haute Tub" and one coat of "Insta Dri" by Sally Hansen.

Although the polish has little glitters in it, removal is very easy. It will stain a bit like any other dark polish, so be sure to apply a base coat.


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