Sunday, April 3, 2016

Spring Flower Nail Art

Spring Flower Nail Art

It's spring time, which means time for sunshine, flowers and hopefully lots of butterflies! *tutorial included*

Spring Flower Nail Art

The base color is two coats of 694 "Honeydew Melon" by Kiko Milano. It's an absolutely stunning pastel mint color perfectly for spring. 

The polish is from the velvet satin collection and is normally matte, but I used a shiny topcoat. My normal topcoat is better than my matte one and I want my mani to last a long time, so that's why I didn't keep them matte. :) 

Spring Flower Nail Art

The design is hand-painted using Jo Sonja's acrylic paint and the "Tartofraises roubloff detail 00" brush by Adnails Manucure.


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