Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Chameleon inspired Nail Art - Born Pretty Store Review -

Includes press samples
Chameleon inspired Nail Art

This weeks design was inspired by the charming little guy, or girl, at the bottom. How adorable is he (she)! This cute little Parson's chameleon is from a picture by Frans Lanting, a National Geographic Photographer, who takes the most gorgeous wildlife photos. I immediately fell in love with the gorgeous colors the moment I saw the picture and wanted to try to recreate it on my nails. *tutorial included*

Chameleon Nail Art High Line Green New York Color

For the base I applied two coats of "High Line Green" by New York Color, seen in the photo above. Then I used a triangular makeup sponge and applied a big stroke of "842" by Hema, a gorgeous mint-green, in between "High Line Green" and sponged it over the base color to create a light gradient. The details are hand painted with Jo Sonja's black acrylic paint and the "Tartofraises roubloff detail 00" brush by Adnails Manucure.

blue liquid latex Born Pretty Store

Another item I received from Born Pretty Store is this blue liquid latex  (ID=27296). I applied this around my nails to make cleanup easier after sponging. I've never used liquid latex before so I can't really compare it with other products, but I'm definitely liking this product! 

It comes in a small glass bottle and looks just like a nail polish bottle, so make sure you don't mix it up! The bottle contains 6ml (0.2oz) of liquid which doesn't seem like a lot but a little goes a long way with this product. I always removed some of the excess liquid from the brush and applied a thin coat around my nails and it worked perfectly. There was no staining where the latex was applied and it was easy to remove. I love that it's bright blue because it makes it very easy to see where you've already applied the product and blue is my favorite color. 

blue liquid latex Born Pretty Store

There are two downsides to this product though. The liquid has a pretty strong and not so pleasant smell, so if you're very sensitive to smells I wouldn't recommend this product. I personally don't mind it that much as it's not worse than a strong smelling nail polish remover and it's mostly when the liquid isn't dry yet, afterwards it doesn't really smell anymore. 

Besides the smell it's also very sticky, and I do mean VERY sticky!! If you apply it to all your fingers at the same time try to not let them touch each other. I did and had to reapply because my fingers got stuck in some sticky madness!

Nevertheless I still like this product and I'm definitely never going back to sponging without liquid latex. I can't believe I've never purchased this kind of product before! It makes life, or at least cleanup, so much easier!

**Disclaimer: These items where given to me by Born Pretty Store for reviewing purposes, but all opinions are my own and not influenced by anything except my experience with these items.**


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