Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Valentine Bee Pun Nail Art

Valentine Bee Pun Nail Art Nailzini

We were always meant to bee.

Valentine Bee Pun Nail Art Nailzini

After the pink design from last week it's time for a different Valentine approach. Puns!! I'm a huge fan of @hannah_nails_it and her amazing pun nail designs. Have you seen her Valentine puns yet? They are soo amazing!! So I wanted to give it a try as well and now I just want to do more puns. 😂 It's so much fun!

The base is 3 coats of "Golden Coast" by Park Avenue.

Valentine Bee Pun Nail Art Nailzini

The design is hand-painted using Jo Sonja's acrylic paint and my 3/0 Raphael Kolinsky brush.


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