Sunday, March 19, 2017

Snow White Nail Art

Snow White Nail Art Nailzini

~~ With a smile and a song, life is just a bright sunny day ~~

Snow White Nail Art Nailzini

For the last Disney villain vs princess challenge prompt I had the honor to do a colab with the amazing and super talented Beverly aka @thehumblebear. She is so sweet and her freehand skills are insane!! If you don't her go check out her instagram, I promise you won't regret it.

Our inspiration is an adorable Snow White drawing by David Gilson aka @princekido. He makes the cutest Disney princess drawings I've ever seen.

I always thought that the dark forest scene in Snow White was one of the scariest ones of all the Disney movies when I was young, those trees just creep me out. So I really wanted to try and recreate that scene.

Instinct Picture Polish Nailzini

For the base I used 3 coats of "Instinct" by Picture Polish, a gorgeous blue polish that glows brightly under UV/blacklight. First part of the picture above is in normal light, then light and also blacklight, next is a tiny lamp and the blacklight and lastly completely dark besides the light from my blacklight lamp. As you can see the glow is amazing!!  It does not glow in the dark unfortunately so you do need a blacklight, but even in daylight it's a pretty color.

Snow White Nail Art Nailzini

Everything is hand painted with acrylic paint and my 3/0 Kolinsky brush.

Snow White Nail Art Nailzini

Disney Princess Nail Art Nailzini

Here is a little collage of all my Disney princess designs for the Disney villain vs princess challenge. This was definitely my favorite challenge ever! I've always been a huge Disney fan and it was so much fun to come up with a design for all the princesses.


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