Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Cartoon Owls Wedding Nail Art

Cartoon Owls Wedding Nail Art

*tutorial included* Last weekend was my cousin's wedding and that calls for some wedding-themed nail-art! I've been wanting to do cartoon owl nails for a while, so I figured why not dress them up for a wedding. Everyone likes to dress up every once in a while right?

Cartoon Owls Wedding Nail Art

Everything is done with regular nail polish for a change. I'm not sure if it was the particular polishes I used or just polish in general, but it took sooooo long to dry. As you can see I applied the top coat too quickly on the blue one, smudging the design a bit. So I soaked my other nails in an ice-bath for a little while in the hope it would help them dry, which seemed to work. Or maybe enough time had pasted already anyway. :)

I don't think I've ever used this many polishes in one mani before, 17 different nail polishes where used to create the little owls!!! It was a nice way too use some forgotten colors that had been sitting in my closet for too long.

Cartoon Owls Wedding Nail Art

In case anybody wants to find a color read on, if you don't want a ramble about which polishes I used feel free to skip this part and enjoy the tutorial!

All the white was done with " hip hip hue-ray!" by Finger Paints, the silver details are with "Spaceshift" by New York Color and the black is "Neo Noir" by H&M. For the different owls the finger paints polishes are used for the wings, the second polish is the body and the last one is used to paint their little belly. The orange owl is painted with "Caric-Art-Ure" by Finger Paints, "816" (coral) by Hema, and "Is Mai Tai Crooked?" by OPI. The blue one uses "Royal Renoir" by Finger Paints, "831 Cobalt Blue" by Kiko Milano, and "Up In the Air" by Catrice. The pink bride is with "Decoupage Pink" Finger Paints, and "Miss Piggy Reloaded" by Catrice. For the green groom I used "Ob-Scene Green" by Finger paints, "842" (light green) by Hema, "Mint Candy Apple" by Essie. Lastly the yellow owl "Master Muse" Finger Paints, "279 Yellow" Kiko Milano, and "810" (yellow) by Hema.


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