Sunday, April 9, 2017

Holographic Unicorn Nail Art

Includes press samples

What do you do when you have holo powders and a unicorn stamping plate? Holographic unicorns of course!

For the base I used pink (ID = 38755) and blue (ID = 38756) holographic glitter powder from Bornprettystore. They are more glitter than powder, but they are absolutely gorgeous and look amazing in the sun! (see picture above)

I used the pink on all my nails and added a bit of blue holo glitters on the unicorn accent nail. It says to use these on top of a gel top coat (no-wipe recommended), but when I tried it over a layer of cured no-wipe top coat by Madam Glam it didn't work it all. I'm not sure if it's all no wipe top coats or just the one I have but it was impossible to buff the glitter into the top coat.

I ended up using "Soul Mate", a dark grey/purple color, gel polish by Madam glam and buffed the powder onto that. This did work, but dabbing the powder on the nail works better for me than actually rubbing it in.

Besides gel, I also wanted to try to use the powder with normal polish. I tried using Miracle gel top coat by Sally Hansen, let it dry a little and then dab it on and this works pretty well. It doesn't work with normal polish at all though, unless you just dip a wet coat of polish into the powder. When doing that it does lose some of it's holo and doesn't look as smooth unfortunately.

I stamped the design using a unicorn stamping plate (ID = 39130) by Bornprettystore. From the moment I saw that plate I knew I had to have it! All the designs are gorgeous and I love that it also has some flowers and other designs on it. Everything stamps perfectly as well, a quick roll with my stamper over the plate and every detail gets picked up.

I really wanted to do a holo unicorn, but since you can't stamp holo powder I had to find another way. Instead of reverse stamping and coloring in the parts you want to see, I filled in all the parts I didn't want holo with back polish, "Neo-Noir" by H&M, using a small detail brush. You can color the parts on your stamper or on your nail after stamping the design. The latter is definitely easier though.

It's so hard to capture holo well on camera so this picture is out of focus to show all the pretty holo sparkles. I haven't been able to take my eyes of these for the 2 weeks I've been wearing them! Especially in sunlight the glitters are mesmerizing.

Here you can see that the powder is more like loose little glitters than actual powder. You can even see all the individual glitters in the picture above. While this is obvious in this macro shot it's almost unnoticeable in real life so no need to worry!

** All pictures are take in sunlight, except the last close-up picture of the unicorn.**

**Disclaimer: The unicorn plate and pink holo glitter where given to me by Born Pretty Store for reviewing purposes, but all opinions are my own and not influenced by anything except my experience with these items.**


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