Monday, October 31, 2016

Creepy Clown Nail Art

Creepy Clown Nail Art Nailzini

After doing Halloween nails all month, it's is finally here! Happy Halloween everyone!! I've mostly stuck to cute Halloween themed nail art, because why not right? But for today it's time for some actual scary nail art and what's scarier than creepy clowns, or even normal clowns. They're often used for children's entertainment, but for some reason they scare the bejesus out of so many people.

Creepy Clown Nail Art Nailzini

For the base I used 2 coats of "Neo Noir" by H&M, which is absolutely amazing! It's the best one-coat drugstore black polishes I've ever used. I did apply 2 coats but mainly because I have quite prominent nail  ridges so I like to add some more coats to even that out. The picture below was with only one coat and taken outside in natural daylight.

Neo Noir HM Nailzini
 Look at that coverage!

Creepy Clown Nail Art Nailzini

The dotted nails are done with a big dotting tool and different nail polishes from Finger Paints namely: "Ob-scene Green", "Decoupage Pink", "Caric-art-ure" (orange), "Royal Renoir" (dark blue), and "Master Muse" (yellow). You can see how I did this in the tutorial below. There is no tutorial for the clown's face because it took way too long to paint and I didn't have time to do it again. *Edit: I decided to do one for the clown as well, painting creepy clowns is fun :D*

The clown is hand-painted using Jo Sonja's acrylic paint and the "Tartofraises roubloff detail 00" brush by Adnails Manucure. For the hairs I used red pipe cleaners, cut off the fuzz, and stuck them on using white liquid glue (Elmer's glue). In case you want to paint one too, I was inspired by this picture. Start off with painting the face with white, then I did the mouth, nose and eyes. For the little detail lines I mixed white with dark purple paint and thinned it out with water. To make your paints strokes smoother, dip the brush in cuticle oil and lightly soak up the excess with a tissue. I learned this from Cristine over at Simply Nailogical, it's seriously the best little trick ever!


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