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Dessert Madness -- Born Pretty Store Review --

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Dessert Madness Born Pretty Store Review

What if you could have all the sweets you like... on your nails! Look at all those mouth-watering treats! I don't like that many sweet things, but these decals have all my favorites: ice cream, cupcakes, and of course donuts. Who doesn't love donuts, right?

Dessert Madness Born Pretty Store Review

These delicious looking decals are Dessert Pattern Nail Art Water Decals (ID=33939) by Born Pretty Store. They come with 5 sheets, of which 4 are full-coverage decals and 1 sheet with little separate designs. Each of the sheets consists of 2 different designs. This doesn't matter as much for the individual decals, but it does mean that for every full-coverage design you only have 10 decals. So no messing up in case you want the same design on every nail!

Luckily they also look great, or even better, when you mix and match the different designs.

Dessert Madness Born Pretty Store Review

I wanted to try how these decals looked on different background so I tested with a couple different nail polishes:
  • thumb: 2 coats of "Mauve-olous" miracle gel by Sally Hansen + miracle gel top coat
  • index finger: 2 coats of "Blanc" by Essie
  • middle finger: 2 coats of "Blanc" by Essie +  "Insta-Dri" top coat by Sally Hansen
  • ring finger: 2 coats of "831 Cobalt blue" by Kiko Milano + "Insta-Dri" top coat by Sally Hansen
  • pinky: strengthener base by Kiko Milano (2 coats of "Blanc" by Essie)
As you can see in the GIF below, my pinky didn't stay bare. When I started using the decals I noticed that they were very transparent so I decided to also use a base color for my pinky. I was a little disappointed by just how transparent they were. Sadness...

You have to use a light base color, preferably white, for the colors of the decals to come through. When using a (medium) dark polish, like I did on my middle finger, the design is barely noticeable.  I do like it with the pink base though, the colors aren't as bright as on the white but it's still visible enough. Of course if you do want a subtle mani these would be perfect on a dark base!

Dessert Madness Born Pretty Store Review

The application went pretty smooth, although the separate decals were easier than the full cover ones.
First you cut out the desired decal and remove the protective film. Then soak the decal in lukewarm water for around 20 seconds, a bit longer when using cold water. Place the design on your nail and sop up the excess water with a paper tissue. Next press the ends of the decal into you nail folds with tweezers or your nails. Use a little flat brush dipped in nail polish remover to remove the excess decal and apply a top coat. That's all! It only takes around 1-2 min per nail.

I can't believe how well these stayed on! I normally only do a simple one color mani on my right hand since detailed freehand takes way too long to do with left. Those mostly start chipping on day 2 or 3 and by day 4-5 I'm patching up the missing pieces. :D This time the decal on my middle finger started to come off a bit on day 3, but it was only a little piece as you can see in the GIF above. There is pretty much no chipping on day 6, which is a miracle on my right hand. Now if that's because of the decals or I just had a really good nail week I don't know, but it's still awesome they stayed that long!

Conclusion: I need more decals to make my right hand as fancy as my left! Anyway, the only bad thing I can say about these is that I wished they weren't as transparent. They don't have to have a full white background, but it would be nice if the designs itself were a bit more opaque so they can be used with all background colors.

**Disclaimer: These items where given to me by Born Pretty Store for reviewing purposes, but all opinions are my own and not influenced by anything except my experience with these items.**


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