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Sea Witch Ursula Nail Art -- Born Pretty Review --

Includes press samples
Sea Witch Ursula Nail Art Nailzini

Maybe not really Halloween themed, but today's prompt for the Clairestelle8 challenge is witches so it still sorta fits, right? The Little Mermaid is probably my favorite Disney movie, so when I had to think of a witch design Ursula was the first to come to mind.

Sea Witch Ursula Nail Art Nailzini

I started this mani with 2 coats of "327 Vondelpark Green" by Hema (top polish in the picture above), although one would probably be enough. Then I sponged a gradient of "341 North Sea Blue" and "327 Vondelpark Green" by Hema on top. I absolutely love these two colors, especially together, but I might be a bit biased since blue is my favorite color. :)

The design is hand-painted using Jo Sonja's acrylic paint and the "Tartofraises roubloff detail 00" brush by Adnails Manucure.

Holographic Foil Gradient Nailzini

The rest of my nail, and the little mirror, are decorated with Holographic Nail Foil (ID=26083) #1003 by Born Pretty Store. This foil comes in the package pictured below with some pretty lace decoration. It contains one sheet with a width of 30 cm (11.8 inch) and 10 cm (3.9 inch) high. I used around 4 cm (1.9 inch) for 10 nails so this will definitely last you a while.

This pattern (#1003) consists of little holographic geometric shapes. They are so pretty, especially in sunlight when they capture all the colors of the rainbow. Holo for days!!!

Holographic Foil Born Pretty Store Nailzini

There are no instructions on the package itself, but there are some on the website:
  1. Prepare your nail bed by shaping, pushing cuticles back and removing all oils (do this using professional nail prep eg scrub fresh or nail polish remover)
  2. Apply a base coat, and wait it dry.
  3. Apply nail polish(dark color is better), wait it dry, and apply the polish again, wait it dry(not totally dry, a gentle fingerprint is left on the nails when you press your finger on the nail)
  4. Press foil shiny side up, onto the nail and rub over using your finger, or for a better more precise application, use a rubber hoof stick. (for best results cut a piece of foil of the length just big enough for the nail, its easier to control and apply flat). Different colors of foils can mixed on the nails
  5. Remove the foil and the foil pattern should be stuch to your nail. If a bit is missing, just apply the top coat to the part not taken and repeat to step.4
  6. Once completely dry, apply a coat to protect the foil.
I followed these instructions exactly and it worked perfectly. My biggest problem with these is that I have no clue which side is shinier. Both sides are extremely shiny and I can't see a difference at all. :D If you're like me and oblivious to shininess, you can try out a little corner on your nail or finger to see which side leaves some foil behind.

Holographic Foil Born Pretty Store Nailzini

Conclusion: I love this item! It's incredibly easy to apply but looks amazing. This is definitely another item I'll be using more to upgrade the nails on my right hand. I'm gonna have to mark the shiny side though or I'll be forever guessing which side to use.

**Disclaimer: These items where given to me by Born Pretty Store for reviewing purposes, but all opinions are my own and not influenced by anything except my experience with these items.**


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